SCADA systems, (supervisory, control and data acquisition), play a vital role in the operation of electricity utilities. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control their equipment, which is usually spread over a large geographical area. They have to gather information from a number of field RTUs (remote terminal units) over a variety of communications links, and present the information in a clear and concise way to the operators. While implementing SCADA systems enhance utilities’ performance, they also face a number of challenges - installation in harsh electrical and physical environments, rapidly evolving technology and short product life spans, data overload, and a shortage of skilled resources in the industry.

Since 2000, Virelec has developed its capability to supply SCADA systems in a number of areas, and is a VAR (value-added reseller) for the GE Energy Systems platform. We specialize in the applications described below, providing design, assembly, configuration, testing and commissioning services.
Distribution Automation:
The supply of DARTs (Distribution Automation Remote Terminals), mounted on pole-tops to monitor and control motor-operated distribution switches.

Electricity Market Participation:
The supply of compliant interfaces to extract, concentrate, and transmit data from the substation to the system operator using approved communications equipment and protocols.

Substation Control Systems:
The supply of complete substation control systems, which concentrate and use data from substation IEDs, instrument transformers, transducers and hard-wired inputs to implement the local and/or remote control of the substation.